Eric Erdman

Eric Erdman was writing songs at 8 years old. When he and his older brother sat at the end of their family’s pier on Mobile Bay, they learned to play guitar to the rhythm of the waves and they pulled as many tunes from that water as they did fish.

Eric’s passion for and knowledge of music grew throughout his high school and college years. After graduating from the University of South Alabama with a B.S. in Statistics, Eric continued to pursue his music career, forming the funk rock band The Ugli Stick. The group recorded four albums and toured worldwide for years with Eric as front man.

Soon Eric joined the writing staff in Muscles Shoals at legendary Fame Studios, where he not only met and impressed producer Jimmy Nutt, but also soaked up inspiration from the history and roots of the small north Alabama town known as “The Hit Recording Capital of the World.”

Smart lyrics, gorgeous melodies, soulful ballads: Eric’s range transcends genre. As a guitarist, Eric’s mastery and versatility has him touring with world class acts like the Buddy Rich Band, Kristy Lee, Nadirah Shakoor. Besides his own singer/songwriter credentials, Eric produces projects for other artists as well.

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