Donny Brewer

Just a Texas boy living on the road. He’s not Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, or even Kenny Chesney, nor does he want to be. Those famous guys make wonderful music, but the difference is, they probably won’t have a drink with you or throw you into to their lyrics at your friend’s backyard show. And they certainly won’t invite you on their bus to sing on an album or share a catamaran with you and maybe write some songs. But Donny will. Why? Because while he may win awards and tour the world, he’s just a super fan like you. He may love Trop Rock and Drinking Songs, but he loves any kind of music, as long as he can share it with his friends, his family, . . . his zimzalas . . . all over the world, in tropical places and big ol’ stages and back yards, with a cold skinny beer or a rum and somethin’, because a songwriter’s life is like a fishbowl margarita – ya need someone to share it with.

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