January 16, 2024 • Written by: Tamara Dower

Singing from her heart – Kitty Steadman

I’m not being lazy, but Glenn Atwell Jr said what I wanted to say about yesterday

“Awesome afternoon despite rain, cold, and power outages. Great friends new and old. Incredible music with Kitty Steadman (and family) at Buddy’s Backyard !”

We had less people than Kitty Steadman deserved but the people that came got a day to remember. Kitty writes such great songs from her heart is always a pleasure to hear her.

It rained steady all day but the wind wasn’t bad so we stayed nice and cozy around Karyn’s Korner. About halfway through the power went out in the neighborhood. My Boy Scout skills kicked in and after a song or two we were back in business. Like a true professional , Kitty never stopped playing.

2023 was a great year at Buddy’s Backyard. Karyn and I want to thank everyone for coming to our House Concerts this year. We have big plans for 2024.

Happy Holidays. We look forward to seeing y’all in 2024.