October 23, 2023 • Written by: Tamara Dower

Buddy’s Backyard Bash

WOW!! This was an EPIC party!

Karyn and I wanted to host an event for our friends all over the country to have a reason/excuse to come to Buddy’s Backyard. The plan worked great. There were nearly 200 people here over the weekend. It was GREAT!!

Donny Brewer and Michelle arranged all the artists, schedule, sold the tickets, promoted to event so we just had to open the doors (theoretically) and let the fun begin.

Big thanks to the Cayenne Chica’s (Donna Dumas, Patty Cormier and Tooty Louise Powers) for creating a FEAST to feed the masses. We raised more than $500 to donate back to the artists.

Karyn put together some fantastic raffle baskets to raise money for James (son of Bob Karwin). I’m so proud to be able to send this small fortune to such a worthy cause.

Big thanks to Radio Trop RockEric and Gina for broadcasting all the shows to the universe!!

This was a fun event for us too. I’ll admit that we are tired today but it is completely worth it.

I’m stealing these pictures from Radio TROP Rock’s post.

Thanks to everyone for coming!

Let do this again next year.